22B3/ Device


1. HANGING ON A HEART ATTACK/ writers: Holly Knight/ Mike Chapman


2. WHO SAYS/ writers: Holly Knight/ Mike Chapman

‘Device was the creation of  Mike Chapman and I. I originally started out as a musician in a band and I was missing the rush of live performing, and working on my own records. Device signed to Chrysalis Records, and Mike produced our debut record (and only record), 22B3. Our first single, Hanging On A Heart Attack achieved mid chart success, and played on Heavy Rotation on MTV for four months. Unfortunately the band was short lived, we only did one record. The amazing thing is, the last time I check on You Tube, ‘Hanging On A Heart Attack’ had roughly 126,500 ‘hits’ on it and quite a few  comments…mostly postive and hilarious. So now, twenty years later, people are diggin it. In fact all the tracks from 22B3 are finally getting listened to. Go figure. –HK 


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