“If we are fortunate, we will be blessed with individuals that come into our lives that offer support, encouragement, wisdom and guidance that weave intricate threads into the patchwork of our lives strengthening our journeys. As a professional Songwriter and one who completed Holly Knight’s six-week Songwriting Master Class, I commend her for her keen, creative talents in composing a comprehensive course covering all aspects for writing strong, memorable lyrics and melodies as well as the business side of the industry through assignments, critiques, resources and her professional life experiences. Going forward, I will incorporate these lessons into my writing which has already provided new strengths and inspiration. I highly recommend this blessing for anyone at any level. Your creative self will be so glad you did.”

– Christina Carmel – BMI Songwriter

“‘Never’ happens to be the first 45 record by a band that I ever bought. When I found out that one of the songwriters , Holly Knight, was offering a six week course in songwriting, I was excited and hopeful that I’d respond to her course in the same way I responded to many of her songs. After all, I gleefully cut my teeth as a vocalist by performing other songs of hers, such as , ‘The Warrior’, and ‘Love Is A Battlefield.’

I quickly discovered that the woman who wrote all those songs about strength is, in fact, an absolute music powerhouse. She is a masterful musician, producer and writer. Holly lights up when she speaks about great music because she has never lost that sense of joy and wonder that it brings to her. She has a profound understanding of what is required to create it and enjoys sharing her wealth of knowledge and experiences. While giving amazingly accurate critiques, she achieves the rare balance of being blunt and concise while still bneing warm and sensitive. It is clear that she understands the emotional vulnerability that is required for her craft and the unique perspectives that her students possess. Instead of promoting a “cookie-cutter” methodology, she challenges her students to find their own inner magic while providing them with many useful techniques along the way. After taking her class, I feel more inspired than ever and believe that I am creating my best work yet.

Some people say that you should never meet your heroes, but I am incredibly grateful to have met Holly.”

– Liz Berg

“Definitely Holly Knight’s masterclass was one of the best learning experiences I’ve had. Having one of the best songwriters ever giving me feedback and advice on my songs opened my mind, and helped me to understand the most important concepts about songwriting . Holly is an excellent person and she has a great talent for teaching as well. The topics covered in the masterclass are really helpful and relate a lot to the music industry nowadays, which is something that will give any student a great advantage in their musical life. Holly’s songwriting skills are a huge inspiration for me and her music career is a great example of excellence and it’s full of songs that stand the test of time. Her wisdom and really successful experience makes this masterclass something truly special and a great opportunity to improve a lot as a songwriter”

– Juan Andres Gutierrez

“What a wild and satisfying ride! Holly’s classes are full of insider stories of the music business and it’s characters. She clearly explains ALL aspects of the business from writing effective lyrics to trademarks to working in collaboration. She gives astute comments on your songs and encourages you to make the melody and lyrics more precise and meaningful. At the end, Holly sends you off with personalized comments to keep motivated and loving the work. I highly recommend her class.”

– Jessika Satori, Ed.D

“Holly Knight’s masterclass was the most in depth and concise look at the music industry I have ever experienced. Holly is an incredible teacher with a dynamic perspective on music making. She was able to give us a vast understanding of songwriting, while also sharing the complex ins-and-outs of the music business. I would recommend her class to all songwriters, but especially young women who have something important to say.”
– Blair Baldwin

“I’m honored to have partnered with such a legendary writer who helped define a generation of music. Holly Knight is the epitome of the world class iconic writer and artist that we have carefully built our company around.”
– Lawrence Mestel CEO of Primary Wave Music

“Holly has stayed true to her ‘rocker chick’ roots since she was a teenager, and her enormous talent ,combined with an intense passion and drive have never left her. Her body of work stands tall among the all time greats of rock n roll music. Everyday, everywhere in the world, someone is listening to a Holly Knight classic.”
– Brendon Okrent VP Creative ASCAP

“Holly Knight’s songs are the sort of songs that Tina loves to perform…. very provocative, a bit cheeky, and she sounds a bit naughty herself. And the lyrics, Holly just seems to hit it on the head every time.”
– Roger Davies RDM Management (Tina Turner)

“Holly’s great. She’s a very good writer. Lyric writing is difficult because you have to take circumstances, and stories, and compress them into lines that not only make sense they need to be rhyming and be singable….this is no small task and she just has a knack for that …”
– Pat Benatar

“Holly Knight is one of the pure songwriters of our time who transcends trends and fads. Her craft is real and timeless, and her songs will remain in the public’s mind long after most of the songs of today’s producers and beatmasters fade out into the sunset.”
– Randall Wixen/ Wixen Music Publishing Author of industry standard, ‘The Plain and Simple Guide To Music Publishing’