“I’m honored to have partnered with such a legendary writer who helped define a generation of music. Holly Knight is the epitome of the world class iconic writer and artist that we have carefully built our company around.”
– Lawrence Mestel CEO of Primary Wave Music

“Holly has stayed true to her ‘rocker chick’ roots since she was a teenager, and her enormous talent ,combined with an intense passion and drive have never left her. Her body of work stands tall among the all time greats of rock n roll music. Everyday, everywhere in the world, someone is listening to a Holly Knight classic.”
– Brendon Okrent VP Creative ASCAP

“Holly Knight’s songs are the sort of songs that Tina loves to perform…. very provocative, a bit cheeky, and she sounds a bit naughty herself. And the lyrics, Holly just seems to hit it on the head every time.”
– Roger Davies RDM Management (Tina Turner)

“Holly’s great. She’s a very good writer. Lyric writing is difficult because you have to take circumstances, and stories, and compress them into lines that not only make sense they need to be rhyming and be singable….this is no small task and she just has a knack for that …”
– Pat Benatar

“Holly Knight is one of the pure songwriters of our time who transcends trends and fads. Her craft is real and timeless, and her songs will remain in the public’s mind long after most of the songs of today’s producers and beatmasters fade out into the sunset.”
– Randall Wixen/ Wixen Music Publishing Author of industry standard, ‘The Plain and Simple Guide To Music Publishing’