Being in the Master Class was a life-changing experience for me. I learned to be aware of my surroundings and to find the inspiration to write from everything.Working with other talented writers in the class made the environment fun and creative. Hearing stories about how songs arose to be some of the biggest hits was truly inspiring for me. I will forever cherish the memories of writing songs together and making lifetime friends!” “Being a part of this class has really changed the way I look at the business side of songwriting. Not only am I more educated about where and how I can make money as a songwriter, but I also know all of the technical jargon and can read a contract with ease. This class gave me a plethora of knowledge so in the future I can ask the right questions and have the most benefit in the business!”

-Brooke Johnson


The first day, it was obvious how human, real, and accessible Holly is – and how willing she was to share her long-earned wisdom with us. Holly’s demeanor put me at ease while I was encouraged to refine my ideas on what I’m after in this business. Besides hearing interesting and funny personal anecdotes that illustrate how the business works, and receiving great resources that will help me connect with people in the industry, Holly gave me personalized advice on where I fit in and what my options might be going forward. She saw who I am, even when I was a bit shy at first, and she didn’t ask me to change, but to step up and own my unique place in the music industry.

I wrote a song with a new friend in the group and felt energized by showing up for that process and having success with it. Everyone in the group was supportive and present without any trace of competition or pettiness, and Holly was a great listener, giving us well-targeted advice on how to improve on what we were creating. I’ve always loved to write, and to create music. Sharing the time with Holly and the other creative artists in my group was a new way to do what I love, and raise the bar on the lyrics, melodies and hooks I’m able to create. If you’re looking or a good challenge and are ready to step up, be seen, and claim your unique place in the music business, I recommend that you give yourself the gift of a Master Class experience with Holly Knight”.

– Maggie Coalson


“Thank you for a wonderful week. Your master class was simply amazing and I’m so glad that I took it at this early stage of my song-writing career! I thought the way you designed the course made it a complete left-brain/right-brain experience, inspiring us to create and produce beautiful music while paying attention to how to protect our work and make our creative efforts financially rewarding. It was amazing to see how you were able to help each person in the group develop, improve, gain confidence and return home with a plan. You fostered an amazing environment of respect and encouragement where everyone worked well together, supported each other and recognized each person for his or her special contributions. Thank you for the frank discussions about the business and legal aspects of the industry. Your explanations, insights, caveats and encouragement to “get creative” when working through industry channels will empower all of us as we move forward in our music careers. Your emphasis on “thinking like a song-writer” as opposed to “thinking like a musician” really resonated with me and should be the first page of every book ever written on songwriting’.

Bill Stegeman


“The time I spent with Holly was one of the most rewarding and invaluable experiences I have had in music and in life. Holly is a true artist whose talent, experience, and complete love of writing songs helped shine a brighter light on so many aspects of the process. Working with her surely sparked an even greater level of creative energy and deepened my respect and appreciation for pursuing the craft of songwriting.”

– Judd Silver


“Most important for me, Holly really rocks as a person. From someone who knew her as a songwriter and admired her work for years, she was just so cool, open, accepting and caring and for me it enhanced her credibility as a songwriter. She really was a “mensch” in such a good way. Holly was inspiring and hopeful yet realistic at the same time. It was cathartic to share some of my war stories with her and the group and then hear some of hers”.

-James Palace



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