Angel/TV Theme & Soundtrack


1. ANGEL TV THEME/ writers:Holly Knight/ Cami Elin/Jymn Thomas


2. SANCTUARY/ EXTENDED ANGEL THEME/ writers: Holly Knight/Cami Elin/Jymn Thomas

‘I had been producing a young LA based band, Darling Violetta at the time when we heard that TV producer Joss Whedon ( Buffy The Vampire Slayer)  was looking for the theme song for a new TV show on the Fox network, named Angel, a Buffy spinoff . The story was based in Los Angeles(our town). We thought it was a long shot because everyone in town was trying to write a song for it. Joss wanted a band with an indie ‘cello rock sound’, and that’s what Darling Violetta was. I produced the track and  remember I was doing edits up until the day before it aired. The show had such a cult following that there was a huge outcry when five years later the show got cancelled. Oddly enough, after the show got cancelled we were asked to record an extended version of the theme for an Angel soundtrack. I think we were secretly hoping the show would get picked up again, but unfortunately that never happened. Still, it remains one of my proudest moments, the theme song to a hit vampire show-long before the Twilight movies and True Blood’. – HK


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