Every Beat … Rod Stewart


Rod Stewart  

Full album Title: Every Beat Of My Heart

‘I recieved a phone call one day from Rod’s management inviting me to their office to meet with Rod. I remember walking into the room and Rod was sitting at the table waiting for me. That was a little nerve-racking, but I came prepared because I knew I would only get one shot with him. I put a cassette on, which basically had all the parts to Love Touch with the exception of  verse lyrics and a bridge, enough for him to say he loved it and wanted to work on it with me. I was stoked !

Although we did get together a few times to write, we just ended up hanging out and having too much fun, and I started getting frustrated. I ended up finishing the song with Mike Chapman and Gene Black, (my guitarist in Device) who came up with a guitar riff that really made the song hooky. Mike produced the track, I played keyboards, Mike Pocaro (Toto) played bass, Gene played the guitars, and I sung the backing vocals. Rod made a bit of a corny video for it, but happily it was a huge hit for him’.  –HK

  • Appeared in the movie ‘Legal Eagles’ with Robert Redford and Debra Winger.
  • Storyteller-The Complete Anthology:1964-1990 Boxed Set

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