‘I have always been a fan of Cheap Trick since I can remember, so when I got together with them to write I was pinching myself. We wrote one song, but in the end I played them something new that I had written with Mike Chapman called Space. ¬†Although it was never released as a single, it is one of my favorite songs that I wrote. I also wrote many tunes with Robin for his solo record that I have stashed away. Maybe one day people will get to hear them, they’re really pretty good !

Space was also recorded by a young Texan singer named Charlie Sexton, (which you can also hear on my site). I became friendly with both Tom the bassist and Robin Zander, whom I think is one of the best rock singers out there, they are very very nice guys. I read somewhere that Cheap trick was a huge influence on Kurt Cobain, and I can believe it from his vocals’. –HK


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