Seven The Hard Way/ Pat Benatar


Writers: Holly Knight/ Simon Climie


This bloody road remains a mystery

this sudden darkness fills the air

What are we waiting for

won’t anybody help us

what are we waiting for


We can’t afford to be innocent

Stand up and face the enemy

It’s a do or die situation

We will be invincible

This shattered dream you cannot justify

we’re gonna scream until were satisified

What are we running for

we’ve got the right to be angry

what are we running for

when there’s nowhere we can run to anymore

We can’t afford to be innocent

Stand up and face the enemy

Its a do or die situation

We will be invincible

And with the power of conviction

There is no sacrifice

It’s a do or die situation

We will be invincible



‘Invincible is a tune I wrote in London with Simon Climie, one half of the band Climie Fisher. I was there looking for a lead singer for my new band Device and Chapman suggested I check Simon out for the band.  I went to his place to do some writing, and he had this teeny apartment in London with two Fairlight computer/keyboards in it, the total of which probably exceeded a years worth of his rent. I mentioned to him that I had a script for a new movie called The Legend Of Billie Jean…sort of a Joan of Arc story…or a G rated version of Natural Born Killers). The film producers wanted something empowering and anthemic for a woman. I also knew that Pat Benatar was getting ready to do a new album and I suggested we try to write a song for the movie and get Pat to sing it. It’s funny, but I always have these vivid memories of being in London during the fall every time I hear the song because that’s where I wrote it.

Pat love the tune and recorded it – Mike Chapman produced. It was the lead single on her record, ‘Seven The Hard Way’, and became a huge hit. Her band shot a video for it while Pat was four months pregnant, something I had no idea of until recently when I read her autobiography.  I think that’s the prettiest she has ever looked.

After 9/11 the tune enjoyed a resurgence on radio because of it’s lyrical content.

What can I say about Pat ? She’s truly an iconic and talented singer with an unbelievable range and fire that no one has been able to duplicate or replicate since.I love love love writing for her, because I can really be creative with the melodies…I know she can sing anything I give her (if she likes it) . That’s a luxury I am not often afforded. Everyone is always looking for the ‘next Benatar’, but there is only one. This just might be my favorite tune that I’ve written – HK

  • Invincible was licensed for a movie called The Legend Of Billie Jean
  • Featured in HBO movie, Hysterical Blindness, starring Uma Thurman and Juliette Lewis.



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