Wynonna, Her Story/ Wynonna Judd



Full title: Wynonna, Her Story/Scenes From a Lifetime

‘Wynonna flew me down to Nashville to write with her for an upcoming album. She drove me to her new property in Franklin, a beautiful town on the outskirts of Nashville, to show me some baby buffalo that she was raising. (You can’t imagine how cute baby buffalo are). There was no house there yet, so we sat in her Range Rover in the middle of her field while the rain and mist softly fell around us. During our conversation she mentioned to me that she loved ‘The Best’ and I said, “why don’t you record it, you’d sing the hell out of it ” but understandably she was concerned that people identified the song with Tina Turner too much for her to cut it. A few years later she released the DVD and record, ‘Scenes From A Lifetime’ and ‘The Best’ was on it. Apparently she reconsidered, which I was thrilled about. Wynonna is a real woman, full of piss and vinegar, lots of great ideas – in some ways she reminds me of Ann Wilson. I hope to work with her again one day, in the meantime I’ll just have to be content to sit back and enjoy her version of ‘The Best’. She did sing the hell out of it’.  – HK


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